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Triple Chocolate Cookies

Nothing says “it’s the weekend!” quite as well as chocolate does. In this case, triple chocolate says it even better! These cookies are absolutely delicious, especially paired with a cold glass of milk. You’ll want to stash a few away for yourself…. Once they’re out of the oven, all that’s left on the plate is …


Biscoff Butter Blondies

Growing up, my mom was famous for her blondies. Everyone requested them as a dessert whenever there was some sort of potluck we were invited to. I love blondies, but you know what I love even more….? COOKIE BUTTER. My daughter and I were brainstorming new dessert ideas a few days ago, and she mentioned …

Meat Mexican

Beef Enchiladas

My family is a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, and I’m a fan of making things slightly healthier when I can. These enchiladas are a healthier version of a traditional favorite, but still absolutely delish! Oh, and did I mention the sauce isn’t what you’d expect? Enjoy!