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Carrot Banana Coconut Bread

Carrots, bananas, and coconut? Sounds strange, I know. But trust me…. You will want to try this bread! According to my family, this is the most delicious version of banana bread that they’ve ever had. It’s moist with a slight crunch from the coconut. Yummy perfection!


Best Banana Bread

My daughter recently came to me for a banana bread recipe. In her words, “The ones I’m finding through Google just don’t seem like they’re the best.” I love a challenge; especially when it means I get to have the answers for my adult daughter 😉 This banana bread will disappear as soon as it …


Cranberry & Brie Holiday Buns

With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to experiment with a traditional favorite: cinnamon rolls. But, I wanted mine to be more savory rather than sweet, and something you can have with your holiday dinners rather than breakfast. That’s where my Cranberry & Brie Holiday Buns come into place. I hope you enjoy …