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Corned Beef and Cabbage

We take Saint Patty’s Day very seriously around our house. It has always been a favorite to celebrate, but it’s especially important to us ever since my husband became a bass drummer (and soon to be bagpiper!) for the Emerald Society. In fact, we travel to Dallas every year to participate in the huge Saint …

Cookies Dessert Holidays

Eggnog Cookies

This is my husband’s favorite time of year because eggnog is finally back on the shelves. I didn’t know this, but my son-in-law also loves eggnog. So when I asked the family for cookie recommendations, my son-in-law responded with, “Can you create an eggnog cookie?” Challenge accepted! You will love these soft cookies. Perfectly spiced …


Cranberry & Brie Holiday Buns

With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to experiment with a traditional favorite: cinnamon rolls. But, I wanted mine to be more savory rather than sweet, and something you can have with your holiday dinners rather than breakfast. That’s where my Cranberry & Brie Holiday Buns come into place. I hope you enjoy …